Vivat International : the Newsletter (december 2012)

Welcome to the 55th Online Issue of the VIVAT Newsletter!

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Approaching the close of the year it is a perfect time to reflect upon and be grateful for the achievements and success accomplished during the past months. The newsletter opens withjust such a message from Maria Theresa Hornemann,SSpS the president of VIVAT international. As an organization VIVAT has grown with the full membership of The Congregation of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ (ASC) and VIVAT has also expanded geographically with the establishment of national branches in Bolivia, India and Argentina. 

The newsletter also highlights workshops facilitated by VIVAT throughout the world in Indonesia and the Philippines as weIl as meeting members based is Lisbon, Portugal. The executive team also had an opportunity to introduce VIVAT’s vision, mission, history and its strategy for advocacy and lobbying to the participants of the first inter¬national SSpS JPIC seminar. Looking forward to the work that still has to be done articles featuring the struggle for a fair and just constitution in Sudan are featured along with an article articulating the struggle of the millions who go missing, specifi¬cally addressing the recent trials of Argentina. 
You inspire us! We always welcome feedback, ideas, stories, and updates from our members! Please send your comments and feedback to:

To read the last newsletter of Vivat International, please
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In this issue : 
- A word from the President - page 2
- Philippines workshop - page 3
- Indonesia workshop - page 4
- Fist SSpS International JPIC Seminar - page 5
- Special Rapporteur visits Italy - page 6
- South Sudan’s Constitution - page 7
- Disappearances - page 8
- Vivat News Brief - page 9
- 2015 Development Plan


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