Twentieth anniversary of the death of Sr Paul-Hélène Saint-Raymond

assassinated in the Kasbah at Algiers on the 87th of May 1994 alongside the Marist brother Henri Vergès.

On the occasion of this anniversary we wish to recall what was said by Sister Aliette de Saint-Gilles on the occasion of the funeral in Algiers: 

’A single word characterises the person of Paul-Hélène: dedicated. So, this morning, I can only share with you my thanksgiving for this life of silence, love and respect that was brought to an end so brutally on Sunday the 8th of May. Paul-Hélène went to her Lord with her two hands and arms wide open. She died as she had lived, that is, impetuously, completely given, at her pace. 
Thanksgiving for the time of companionship experienced at Ben Cheneb with Henri, Michel and all the team. 
Thanksgiving for that time of love, because she loved, unto death, the people of Algeria and the Maghreb. She loved them with all she was, with what was dark and what was bright, the youth of the Kasbah and the people of Belcourt, our district. She loved them right to the end. 
Thanksgiving for the journey of inner liberation she made during the past few years. May all those who helped her be thanked for it and feel happiness and you, in particular, Henri! 
Thanksgiving for this Living Body of the Church of Algeria where she received her strength and her energy, and where her Faith and her Hope grew. 
Thanksgiving for this Christian family that gave her generously, for her parents. 
Thanksgiving for all that we have received from you, Paul-Hélène, in the Congregation and in the community: 
your keen intelligence always put to work, in humility; 
your precision and your intransigence, 
your truth and your love for others. 
We recall that during this period in Algeria, she said that she felt very challenged by the violence, adding: "One must begin oneself, struggling against one’s own violence." ’ 
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