Life and mission

 We, Little Sisters of the Assumption, are apostolic religious who live in community. We are sent, together, to those who, in the world, are without a voice or influence, so that ’our actions may speak Jesus Christ’ as our founder used to say. Drawing inspiration from the Gospel, energised by the urgency of proclaiming the Good News of the love of the Father and of testifying to the joy of believing, we work for the coming of the reign of God and also to bring about his Glory through the salvation of those who are ’poor and unimportant’ as we follow Christ, Servant and Saviour.

  • Life and mission today

    Le 11/04/2011 - Life and mission

    The Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Assumption was founded in 1865 in France, at the beginning of industrialization, by Fr Etienne PERNET, Assumptionist, and (...)

  • Mission of the Little Sisters

    Le 09/03/2015 - Life and mission

    The family has been at the heart of our Charism since the beginning of the Congregation. It is still the special place in which persons receive life and where they grow in (...)

  • Our life in Ciutat Meridiana

    Le 26/09/2011 - Life and mission

    It will soon be two years since our community came to the neighbourhood of Ciutat Meridiana, on the outskirts of Barcelona, to live here and share in its life. The (...)

  • The community in Cebu – Philippines

    Le 29/09/2011 - Life and mission

    Salamat sa Diyos (Thanks be to God) we met people along the way who took the time to show us projects and places where we could ‘place our tent’ and live close to the people. It (...)