To the Little Sisters of the Assumption

Little Sisters of the Assumption

 We were re-assured by their presence ;
Their un-questioning help, when it was needed.
The presence of that convent, with it’s jewel chapel.
We assumed that it world last forever.
Years of caring and nursing
So many families with such grateful memories
Of the sisters who came when needed,
And tended to sick parents, and conforted children.
No job too much for them, 
Donning aprons, they washed and polished,
Keeping homes bright and cheery,
Until all was well again, and they moved on, to 
The next family.
For over a century they "minded" us.
From the convent they set forth daily ;
Walking and "busing" before scooters and cars
Helped shorten the journey, to the waiting patients.
The chapel on the hill has been replaced.
It’s bell no longer calls its neighbours for the early Mass.
The memories however linger,
Memories of times gone by in Blackpool.
sent by Noirin Lynch, a friend of the Sisters in St Francis Gardens, Blackpool
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