To stand up

A great number of you have expressed your solidarity and union in prayer on the occasion of the painful events that have taken place in France. 

Thank you for having perceived, with us, the extent to which such acts of violence threaten freedom of expression and of religion, and how they affect the deepest values of every human being. 
Huge crowds of men and women, young and not so young, of all opinions, religion, state of life and nationality marched together on Sunday, the eleventh of January in Paris, in all of France and throughout the world to "stand up" against these horrifying actions and to express their resolution to live in an open society where people may think and express their opinions with freedom. 
Attachment to the values of the Republic was stronger than fear, with the desire to indicate that the decision to kill cannot be the outcome to disagreement with the expression of the opinions of others. The awareness of the importance of freedom, equality and fraternity was re-awakened for many by this event. These values are essential for all persons and for all countries. 
That 11th of January 2015 was a powerful moment of communion when history was written in capital letters. It must continue to be written in small letters with everybody participating in the same way. 
The General Council 
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