The San Basilio Fraternity

It was our brothers and sisters of the Fraternity who were to write to you but, as they are not very accustomed to taking up the pen, and to avoid putting them in an awkward position, we LSA are going to introduce them.
They have been journeying with us for years, a journey filled with fidelity, actions and choices that has led them to a deeper knowledge of their faith and, in 2008, to the renewal of their baptismal promises – the project and the dream of Father Pernet. There is strong solidarity and friendship among them. 
In addition to the times we have together (meeting every two weeks, retreat days, preparation of the liturgy) we found out with pleasure that they also meet among themselves to discuss common problems and interests, or simply for the pleasure of being together. From the year 2000, through their participation in the international meetings, they have come to know the fraternities of France and Belgium. There is great pleasure in seeing how, in these assemblies, they all mix together and manage to understand one another even without knowing the other’s language.
We are going to introduce some of them: 
  • Luciana and Alfredo were among the first members. They have three children and also Serghiei, a Belarusian boy from Tchernobyl. Alfredo, who works for the Italian Red Cross, has always been very involved at a social level. He retired in January and we thought: now he’ll have more time… he is still very busy… 
  • Lamberto and Angela: they have several sons and daughters and also grandchildren to look after. Lamberto is a good carpenter. When somebody needs to have some little job done he is always available and, very often, without charge. Angela has a friend, Rosina, who is a widow. They see each other often, like to travel together and never miss a meeting.
  • Emanuele and Ermanno: they are a second-generation couple of the fraternity. They have two children: Paolo y Emanuele, very cheerful and lively… but when they are at our meetings they keep very quiet. Ermanno is our computer expert and, as he is very willing, we "bother" him a lot.
  • Fiorella: she and her husband have a bakery, extremely demanding work. She works during the day and he at night. Fiorella does not have good health and yet, one Saturday, she invited some fifteen persons from the fraternity to a fine meal at their bakery. 
  • Lilia y Sergio: Lilia’s health is frail. Last year, her husband had a serious accident in which he nearly lost a hand. Her brother has a heart and liver condition which makes it impossible for him to live on his own and Lilia has taken him into her house. Her daughter is expecting her second child and often goes to her parents’ house with her first child and her husband. At Christmas the elder child Amadeo, fell some hundred metres during a climb. His arms, legs and spinal column were broken but, miraculously, he survived – can you believe it? Lilia bears the situation with serenity, she says: "it is the strength from faith and prayer that supports me". 
In our fraternity there is quite a number of widows (the women outlive the men). Nothing holds them back – not the dark, nor the cold nor the rain; they are always the first to arrive for the meetings and regularly bring their gift for the children of El Minia, a project that the fraternity adopted in 2001. 
Community of San Basilio, Rome, Italy
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