The Little Sisters in Madagascar – in collaboration with the association ADES - Association for the Children of Sahalava

The collaboration between ADES and the Little Sisters began in 2002. This year, we have had the opportunity to help the children of Sahalava and Ampopoka to benefit from the support of the Association. We’ll tell you how.

Teenage project in Sahalava 

This year, 52 teenagers (45 last year), from 36 families (33 last year), benefited from some financial help to continue their studies. Thirty-six (36) were at middle school level, eleven (11) in secondary school and five (5) in vocational training schools. This year there was nobody at BAC (examination giving university entrance qualification) level – it will be for next year. 
Youth Project in Sahalava 
The group of young workers is as faithful as ever. Some loans were made, mainly for matters concerned with health: glasses, dentist, hospital care. 
School Shop 
This year, as was the case last year, some 321 children and teenagers from Shalava and about 20 from Ampopoka were able to benefit from this marvellous resource. This is what makes it possible for them to continue their studies because the cost of the materials for school is increasing all the time and the number of notebooks needed increases with the level (about twenty at secondary school). This seems to us to be an important contribution to the basic education of all these children and young people in our neighbourhoods. 
School and pre-school support 
The school and pre-school support programme this year involves 208 children and youth from 136 families at pre-school, primary and secondary levels. 
In addition to the usual activities, we have started a new project for four classes, that is, for children aged 7 to 10. It involves mainly the purchase (in France) of educational games that promote: concentration, agility, memory, observation, mental arithmetic, creativity, balance, etc. etc. A specialist told us that these pedagogical tools are precious in stimulating intellectual work and the children here do not have the good fortune to have them in their families. 
Something else to note: the "’excursion – study trip". Eighteen (18) young people from levels 4 and 3 were able to spend two days at Antsirabe (a five-hour car journey from Fianarantsoa) a lovely town where there are many things to discover. And, in addition, the young people turned those hours in the buxi into a journey filled with song and dance. 
A very big "Thank you"! We hope we have been able to show you how valuable the support of the association is to us, not for ourselves but for all the families we are in contact with, and the babies, the children, the youth. It is with all of them that we wish to express our gratitude. 
Sr Colette, Little Sister of the Assumption 
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