The ’House for Everybody’, where people can build themselves up again

In a poor area of Seville several religious communities, including the LSA, have together opened a "house for everybody" to enable the poorest to build a future for themselves. (María del Vale Castellano)

The La Plata neighbourhood in Seville: this is an area that has the second-highest number of immigrants in the city, a population that is marked by unemployment, street children or children who have to shoulder adult responsibilities; there is failure at school, separations, hunger and overcrowding – 5 to 6 persons in one room – women who are ill-treated or left on their own, families who are experiencing today’s reality and who are suffering. 

The cries of the poor were heard by the Marist brothers, the Divine Word fathers and by the Little Sisters of the Assumption who, together, set up an association "Casa de Todos" (Everybody’s House). This association aims to give a response to what we have heard, what we have seen and what we have touched with our hands. This is done with the support of professionals and through training workshops, school support for children and young people, a toy library, Spanish classes, and by placing young people in centres that will prepare them for work. 
This evangelical experience is open to young people who wish to commit themselves and give a response to the clamour from the most deprived people of today. The association enables them to see this reality, to observe it with us, to know it and to hear it. It is a specific place with workshops and a guiding spirit which is to rebuild the poorest families by welcoming them, bringing them responses that respect their dignity. About twenty young people come every day and they can be seen explaining, smiling, proposing, talking, playing, being attentive, giving creative responses with what they are. And thus, the circle of life in the midst of suffering widens out, as the Reign is made present in the way shown by Jesus Christ. 
Sister Maria del Valle Castellano, Seville, Spain
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