The General Council of the Little Sisters of the Assumption

On the 19th of June 2011 the General Chapter of the Little Sisters of the Assumption elected Marie-Françoise Phelippeau (France) to be the new Superior General of the Congregation. The General Council elected to work with her is composed of Piedad Berrio (Colombia), Eugenia Hueto (Spain), Mary Keenan (Ireland) and Geneviève Langlois-Meurinne (France).

General council of the Little Sisters of the Assumption /2011–2017

Piedad Berrio, Marie-Françoise Phelippeau, Eugenia Hueto, Geneviève Langlois-Meurinne, Mary Keenan


Portrait of the General Councillors

Piedad Berrio (Colombian)

Born in 1949, she has a degree in philosophy and has had pastoral and biblical training. Her professional experience is in the educational field as a teacher and a pastoral and academic co-ordinator. She has been on mission in various communities of Colombia and she was in charge of the mission of animating the Province.

María Eugenia Hueto (Spanish)

She entered the Congregation at the age of 24. The greater part of her life as a Little Sister has been spent in Bilbao, a town in the north of Spain where she studied social work. She practiced this profession in various services. Then she was sent to the novitiate community in Kinshasa (DRC).

Mary Keenan (Irish)

 Born in 1945, she made profession in 1966 and trained as a nurse in Dublin. She worked as a nurse and carried out pastoral work in Ireland and in the USA. She was a member of the provincial council and then provincial of the Anglo-Celtic province.

Geneviève Langlois-Meurinne (French)

Born in 1940 in Paris, she trained as a nurse, a profession she exercised before entering the Congregation. Her professional route afterwards remained linked with the health field. In 1994 she was appointed a member of the provincial council as councillor for formation and was later territorial councillor for the West-Europe Africa province (Northern France and Belgium); after that she carried out the mission of general treasurer of the Congregation.

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