The Fraternity Charter

Today, like yesterday, the Fraternity is a place for listening and speaking that enables all, individually :

  • to be welcomed as they are and to express themselves freely; 
  • to be called by their name, with respect, the right to be differnt and 
  • to be fragile; 
  • to feel less alone in a society that excludes, journeying and advancing together in mutual support; 
  • to work at developing fellowship and solidarity in their family life, in their workplace, in their neighbourhood so as to construct a more just and human world together; 
  • to discover, gradually, Jesus Christ, the centre of the Fraternity; 
  •  to recognise him from the life of each one, from the Word of God
  • and prayer shared together. 
The basis of the Fraternity is this word of Christ: 
’My commandment is that you love one another.’ 
The Fraternities, going beyond borders, form a big family. 


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