The Eucharist

"The Eucharist is at the centre of our lives and our communities. It is the sacrament of the Covenant, where the limitless love of the Lord is revealed and communicated…

The breaking of bread carries with it an obligation to share with all who hunger for bread and for justice… There is a very close link between our mission, our community life and the Eucharist." (Rule of life nº 11)
The Eucharist is the action of Christ in us; it is an invitation to offer oneself with Christ.
And, finally, the Eucharist brings the fruit of unity, it makes our lives a single heart and soul.
"Our Lord’s blood vivifies us in such a way that, having the one life with him, loving with him and like him, our minds and our hearts are united in truth and charity" was to say Fr Pernet
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