The cutting-out and sewing workshop "Kintana" in Ampopoka / Madagascar

with the support of the Association ADES - Association for the Children of Sahalava

Throughout the year 2011, the result of the activity has been quite positive. Continuing along the path we have already been following for several years, during the year we concentrated especially on developing training. This seemed to us to be an essential area both with regard to perfecting the technique for cutting out and sewing and for providing a solid foundation in management. 
This training took place in two seminars, both led by professionals. I think that the one on management was particularly important for all of them, and for each one in particular, as the last lecture dealt more with managing the family budget. 
Suddenly, aspects such as a balanced budget or the calculation of general expenses – points that had been touched on countless times already – suddenly "made sense" to these women. I was even amazed to hear one of the explain in detail to a client how the price of the article she wanted was calculated. 
Behind the work and all the activities is the desire to enable the women to acquire skills that will help them to be more at ease in all day-to-day matters and to be more autonomous in the operation of the workshop. This year I have seen them taking judicious decisions concerning the purchase of materials, organising themselves for the work and welcoming a new woman into the workshop. 
We have to recognise that daily life is difficult for each of them: deaths, health, the children’s schooling. Because of that, consistency in the regularity of work, timekeeping, the quality etc. is not always easy. Nevertheless, as the person responsible for the workshop I am always impressed by the qualities of mutual help, kindness and courage. 
For the months ahead, I think it is important to develop innovation: finding new clients and creating new models: products in patchwork using remnants of material, bags etc. 
Sr Marie-Céline, Little Sister of the Assumption 
The collaboration of ADES with the LSA began in 2002. A very big "Thank you"! We hope we have been able to show you how valuable the support of the association is to us, not for ourselves but for all the families we are in contact with, and the babies, the children, the youth. It is with all of them that we wish to express our gratitude. 
Sr Colette, Little Sister of the Assumption 
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