The Church

"Never isolate yourself. Pray with the whole Church in the name of Jesus Christ" (Fr Pernet)

"Our prayer should never be isolated. It can be solitary, but not isolated. Our prayer should be always inspired by the Spirit of the Church. May it be always inspired, supported and guided by that of the Church"
"We have a deep love for the Church, the Body of Christ and the Sacrament of Salvation. As members of God’s People we are at its service, working as women, religious and apostles to announce the Gospel. By living our charism to the full we contribute to the vitality of the Church" 
We Search with others for ways to create an environment where each one is called by name, invited to be creative and gradually to take part in building up the world..
…."We want to work making it possible for those who are not heard to take their place in society, and enabling all to recognize that they are one people, so that the scattered children of God may be gathered together" (Rule of Life)
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