The Charism in the actual context

 The Little Sisters of the Assumption try to adapt their charism to each cultural context. Their apostolic activities, with vary from country to country, are carried out among people who are impoverished :

  • Work with families
  • Health and social projets
  • Action for the advancement
  • Human and spiritual development
  • Facilitating and working with groups
  • Deepening of faith.

"Following the example of Jesus Who came to dwell among us, Who lived a poor life, worked with His hands, and announced the Good News through the simplest realities - bread, water, light, healing, life and death -, we ourselves wish to show forth the Father’s love in the actions of everyday life"
(R. Life 18)

Through these activities, the Little Sisters want to :

  • Offer their lives so that the Kingdom may come among the poor and "littles ones"
  • Recreate, with them, a people for God
  • Work with others to bring about a world where there is justice and peace.

From the beginning of the foudation, Etienne Pernet et Antoinette Fage had the intuition that the charism goes beyond our frontiers to meet their world’s peoples.

"You will go everywhere, because everywhere there are the sick and the poor and souls to be saved. The little sister is a missionary. She is so all the more since she must live in the midst of the poor"
(Etienne Pernet)


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