The Charism from the origins

The Little Sisters of the Assumption share the desire to be both prophets and prayerful sisters in today’s world.

"We are filled with an ardent desire to see all nations and peoples gathered together as God’s family in Jesus Christ, Lord of the world and Lord of history"
(Rule of life 149)

Following Jesus Christ Servant and Saviour , the Little Sisters of the Assumption are :

  • sent to proclaim the Good News of Salvation to "the poor, the workers and their families", to bear witness to love of God by every aspect of their lives : "may your actions speak Jesus Christ"
  • sent to "recreate" a people for God, , they try to help people enter into dialogue with one another to experience trust, friendship and solidarity, to take part gradually in the construction of a world where "the scattered children of God will be gathered together in unity" (John 11,52)

They have it at heart to further communities of faith, the "Fraternities", where, each person can discover the tenderness and mercy of the Father. They are invited to see that they are part of the Church.

The personal and comunity life of the Little Sisters is animated by the desire : "To procure the glory of God by the salvation of the poor and little ones".

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