Spain - The Tuesday Prayer

Marga Luque, from the ’tesoros comunes’ laity group in Barcelona, and also a member of the Youth and Vocations Ministry team of the Spain-Portugal Territory, shares with us something of her experience with the community. 
It is now more or less four years that, one day a week, I have had an inescapable appointment with Jesus. Yes, on Tuesdays in the little oratory in the district of Ciudad Meridiana, Barcelona, where the Little Sisters live, He is present, sharing our very simple prayer that is based on daily life. During that time I experienced how the community opens their house and their oratory so that we may have a space to meet, a space that has given many other fruits and where we formed bonds of friendship, of a family which, in some cases, have lasted in spite of distance. 
Throughout that time I have been able to recognise YOU, JESUS, through the others: in their lives, their day-to-day living, in their joys and their sufferings. … I recognised You in the arms of Lea (from the Ivory Coast) as she consoled the little Xavi; in the joy of Xavi taking his first steps; in Michelle (from Ghana) as she was searching for you in her interactive Bible in English; in Jesús as he tried to follow the singing; in the sad, tired face of Auxi (from Guinea, the mother of Jesús); in the smile of Judith; in the strength of Ana in not accepting to be defeated and in her ability to recover from illness; in the tireless work of Cristina (from Rumania) and in the memory of her family far away from her; in the picture that stands out in the oratory and which was painted for the Little Sisters by the Gómez Moreno family (from the ’Common Treasures’ group); in the hands that decorated the oratory with symbols from other countries; in the very hard lives of some of the neighbours of this area when Montse and Julia tell us about them; in Carmen’s pupils and the schools where she leaves her mark… 
Throughout that time I have experienced that what You said to your disciples ’where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there in their midst’ (Mt. 18:15-20) is true, that you are in our midst and, gathered together in your name, sharing our prayer and your table, we continue to believe that another reality is possible and that it is for us to build it and offer it. 
Throughout that time, the imperative Tuesday appointment with You makes me understand that life is composed of the little things of daily life and that You are there. 
Thank you, Montse, Julia and Carmen for offering us this space of prayer, for enabling us to come closer to Him.
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