Spain - Summer Camp in Seville

To enter into the logic of God with trust and to place everything at his service: that is how we might describe what happened this summer.

Within the framework of the Youth and Vocations Ministry, and with help from the Community in Seville, Sisters Pilar, Lurdes and Lucía joyfully prepared the summer camp for young women: a fortnight spent in the district where we live. During the morning they participated in the summer classes for the local children within the framework of the association Casa de Todos (an association in which Sr Maria del Valle works. It consists of the LSA, the Marist Brothers and the Missionaries of the Divine Word. It is dedicated to working with and training families that are at risk of social exclusion.). 
During the afternoon there was time to review things, to be together, to pray, to get to know their reality better … We prepared everything enthusiastically and brought together a group of some ten young people who wanted to come but, just a few weeks before we were to begin, they had dropped out, for various reasons. We had even done the shopping! We began to call on people again, and we continued, with trust – the Lord knows what he is doing. 
That is how Monica arrived, the only young person who participated and who was a gift for us, for the children and for the locality. Here, we let you have her account of the experience.
The summer camp at Seville, to be honest with you, was an unforgettable experience, a time of personal growth, for me and for the rest of the monitors. We had time to love another special reality of this world in the district of Su Eminencia, with those children and with the Little Sisters of the Assumption: Lucía, Valle, Pilar and Lurdes from Portugal.
During those days we lived in the simplicity and humility of getting to know and admire a reality that is different to what we see in our day-to-day life, opening our heart, giving love gratuitously and being happy with very little, just with those gestures of love on the part of the children, with the reassuring words that all will go well, you will be able to teach them something, of not feeling pity for them in spite of the problems they have but, on the contrary, feeling how fortunate you are to have before you mini-heroes who continue to smile, and being able to be part of their life for some days, and that their names remain with you, tattooed on your heart. 
It is moving to see how a second request from one of the Little Sisters paved the way to so many things to be experienced and to be grateful for. Without that call I would not be telling you all this adventure. In two weeks I would not have had all those experiences: unimaginable excursions, morning walks at the school, rest breaks beside the water, playing and running about with the children; in the group, making things with recycled materials. There was also sharing breakfast and lunch with the children, the little chats between the monitors and being able to get to know the district more thoroughly, with Carmen and María (two neighbours) as guides, and also by the association ’Carmen Vendrell’ that is constituted by women from the neighbourhood. 
I cannot forget the marvellous walks in Seville, the afternoons and mornings of prayer with the Little Sisters, the little activities in common and the thousands of gestures and hugs from the small children who succeeded in stealing my heart and even inspired me with a new form of life. Perhaps what I experienced seems to you something very small but, once you are there, the simplest and smallest things become great occasions and you hope for only one thing: to be able to repeat the experience the following year. 
To end with, it only remains for me to thank you, Little Sisters, for this experience I have had and to thank Jesus who let me come close to him through the children and the neighbourhood of Su Eminencia. 
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