Spain - An experience of life: the death of Teresita Entrena…

There is a brief biography in the booklet of the Little Sisters who have gone from this World to the Father: "I am the Resurrection and the Life! The one who believes in Me will live!", but we cannot pass over the experience that we in the community experienced during that time… an absence that becomes presence at each moment … a death that gives us the certainty that she continues to live with us.

I cannot forget her face, in the semi-darkness, and her final words seeking to re-assure me: "I’m fine, I’m fine". Yes, now she is really fine, in the mysterious happiness that is awaiting us on the other side…
Everywhere she went she aroused admiration, without ever looking for it, and affection in return for hers ... 
In sorting out her affairs we came across extracts from letters sent to her that show this clearly. …
And I wish to share part of a letter from her, dating from 1998, when she was leaving Catalonia to go to Seville, because it expresses her depth. 
"I feel the need to communicate with you in thanksgiving arising from three events that were important for me and that marked me during that year: 
On the 30th anniversary of profession, I was plunged into that mystery of the grace of God and of human freedom, when we say "yes" to that first Love which overwhelms us. 
It is a gift and a commitment to have completed five years of theology. Such richness had almost the effect of an assault on me but I was so involved, as if "under pressure", that I now have a lot of work to do so as to put some order in things… what I see clearly is that theology does not give more faith; it enlightens it and helps to deepen it, but also unveils more radical questions. I am left with the concern and the challenge of knowing how to contribute a grain of sand to what ought to be the theology of the 21st century: a theology from life and for life"…
What it meant to me to leave Torre Baró after 22 years there and Catalonia after 33 years. Many of you have taken this step and I have always admired the simplicity and loftiness of outlook with which you did so. … now it is my turn and I have the joy of taking it with serenity and hope. You have been my teachers. Thank you! 
Jesus of the Gospel … wherever he went, by advancing through reality became more deeply rooted in it… 
I feel that changing place does not have to entail ruptures or wounds. I feel that I remain, but also that I leave… 
Let me share with you this 
"Magnificat, from Torre Baró and Catalonia" 
Because He led me to Catalonia, to begin the greatest adventure of my life, I feel happy and I praise the Lord. 
Because it was here that I learned to open up to the many winds of the Universe, I feel happy and I praise the Lord. 
Because in Torre Baró I was able to put into practice, even though inadequately, what we try to make an "option for the poor", poor people with a name and a surname, with an extraordinarily human face and great dignity, I feel happy and I praise the Lord. 
Because in Torre Baró, I discovered the impoverished persons forced to emigrate from an impoverished Andalusia and who made me discover the causes of such a socio-economic-political breakdown as I helped them to integrate, without losing their roots, I feel happy and I praise the Lord. 
Because in Torre Baró, I found, as well as the oxygen my lungs needed, the love that broadens the heart in the sincere friendship of its inhabitants, I feel happy and I praise the Lord. 
They offered me values like gratitude, unconditional welcome, direct communication without any masks, the struggle to improve their living conditions, the value of the family etc., I feel happy and I praise the Lord. 
Because I have received the gift of a sisterly community, among equals, I feel happy and I praise the Lord. 
Because Torre Baró was more than a geographical place, a theological place, I encountered the strength of the God who saves in weakness and in poverty, I feel happy and I praise the Lord. 
I have encountered the sign of those who sow, and who sow themselves, like the seed that is buried, a promise of future harvests, I feel happy and I praise the Lord".… she felt that she was also sent for them.
Thank you, Teresita, because in those last years you also taught us about this multiracial people… Yes, surely, we will miss your enormous "hidden" work”. Help us!
The Santa Coloma Community 
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