Sharing the Charism with the Laity - Meeting in Paris

The International Commission for Sharing the Charism with the Laity Tracing out paths for broadening the space of our tent

Greetings from the new members of the Commission: 
  • Maryalice, a laywoman from the United States of America: she is part of the Family in Mission agency of the Little Sisters of the Assumption (LSAFIM). 
  • María José, from Spain: who belongs to a group of laity; she is a teacher in a village near Granada. 
  • Victor Andrés is from Colombia; he is a teacher and at present is co-ordinator of the laity commission in Colombia. 
The Little Sisters present were: 
  • M. Eugenia, who is the link person between the Laity Commission and the General Council; 
  • Agnès, from France, who live in Paris and works with the Mosaïques 9 project, an association for the reception of immigrant families. She has responsibility for the Fraternities of France, Belgium and Italy. 
  • Amparo, from Colombia, who lives in the city of Cali; she works with a women’s group: MOVIPUMAF (the A. Fage Women’s Sewing Group) and she accompanies the laity groups in Colombia. 
  • Pilar from Spain, who lives in Granada, and accompanies the groups of laity in that city. 
This new commission has committed itself to continue the sharing of the mission between Laity and Little Sisters in what concerns our Charism, Spirituality and Mission. This option, taken at the 2005 General Chapter and ratified at the 2011 Chapter continues the presence and work with the laity that has existed from the beginning of the Congregation. 
At this first meeting we looked again at the recommendations of the 2011 general Chapter which asked the new General Council to set up a team composed of laity and LSA to: 
  • Offer to the laity and LSA the document entitled "A Common Treasure" so that each group may, according to its reality, make it their own and enrich it on the basis of their life and the reflection common to the Laity and the LSA. 
  • Draw up a formation programme that might be offered to the laity who wish to have it. 
  • Be attentive to set up, gradually, a network that would be animated by the laity and the LSA. 
The six days, through our prayer, reflection, dialogue, the recognition of our diversity, the different languages, helped us to map out possible way for moving ahead in this mission, taking as a basis the document "A Common Treasure". 
The principal theme was the formation proposal for the laity of the different groups and places. We have drawn up a plan that is flexible and open, based on the elements of the 2nd part of "A Common Treasure. Our commitment as a Commission is to work on the proposal so as to have a Formation Plan for September 2013, something that gives us pleasure and stimulates us in this mission. 
We invite all the laity and LSA to continue this journey with enthusiasm and to use all possible means to communicate our experiences and life that is filled with hope. 
Now, as we set out, we say with Father Pernet: "Lord, show me what I should see, inspire me with what I should say and help me in all that I have to do." 
Agnès, Amparo, Maryalice, Victor Andrés, M. José, Pilar, Eugenia
Paris, enero 2013
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