During the year 2011 the group of Laity known as “Semillas Antioqueñas” has carried out significant training work at pastoral level.

Greetings to the Assumptionist Family! 
During the year 2011 the group of Laity known as “Semillas Antioqueñas” has carried out significant training work at pastoral level. The meetings are held every week and during them there is work on themes from the book "Formación de Discípulos" by José H. Prado Flores. This book contains important themes dealing with the action and the being of the disciple who is following Our Lord Jesus Christ. In this workshop we become acquainted with the projects of Jesus, with the Master and the disciple, the conditions and the basic relations for the disciple, the methodology that Jesus used in forming his disciples and, finally, our mission as disciples. This formation is being organised by Sister Gema Acosta with the participation of some laypeople. 
The second theme that is being worked on with the laity and with others persons from the community is the Bible; there has been a good response to this. Initially there were just two workshops but, with the commitment of the people and their suggestions they are moving to a deeper level: the historical context of the Bible and the books of the Bible. In each stage they have readings of different biblical passages. 
We laity groups celebrated and commemorated the different dates and festivities in which we discovered the best way of sharing life and recounting experiences related to the work that is being done in our neighbourhoods and at personal level. 
One of the greatest joys of this meeting on the 15th of August, feast of Our Lady of the Assumption, was the announcement by Monica, one of the most committed laywomen who is helped by Sr Gema, of the call she has received from the Lord to be a Little Sister of the Assumption. This was a big piece of news and generated immense joy. 
The see the video of the August 15th meeting, click here 
On November 14 there was commemoration of Antoinette Fage which about 40 persons attended. This took place in Bello where the life of Antoinette was presented in the form of a parody of a television programme "Laura in America"; in this case the television programme was called "The world of the Assumption". 
In it they showed the childhood, adolescence, young adulthood and consecrated life of Antoinette through interviews carried out with persons whose path she crossed. 
After that, we worked on the document "A Common Treasure" in a way that was creative, symbolical and analytic. During this work, in groups, we had the opportunity to know more deeply this great treasure that is the Assumption Family. 
Amparo, Colombian woman
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