Prayer for the 2017 General Chapter

“Admirers of the work of God, bearers of life and of joy, we are called to the encounter, like Mary and Elisabeth.”

Mary, we contemplate you in your visit to Elisabeth. 
Help us to let ourselves be converted by the Spirit of your Son so that, preparing this chapter, we may know how to discover and discern the urgent human and spiritual needs and respond to them in a renewed way. 
As we seek to follow your example,
       help us to value the importance of encounter, of silence and of listening, to be attentive in our communities and in our commitments. 
Help us to open our hearts to welcome and to be welcomed by persons who are different, through their culture, their age and their beliefs, and to recognize that together we form part of the same “house”. 
Teach us to appreciate and to live the gift of mutual help and to promote this in a world dominated by power, so that the dignity and the worth of each person may be recognised. 
Help us to discover the sacred character of all of Creation and the beauty of your work. 
Give us the courage to continue our commitment for justice at all levels, especially with those who are impoverished, refugees, displaced persons and marginalised families. 
Make us bearers, like you, of life and of joy. 
Stay with us, Mary, keep us faithful and filled with passion for the Reign, so that all the Families of the Assumption, laity and Little Sisters may also journey “in haste” with joyful hope.
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