Peru martyrs

In early Pope Francis named 5 peruvian martyrs: sr. Agustina Rivas, Sisters of Good Shepherd, Irene Mcormac, Josephite sisters, Michal Tomaszek, Zbigniew ofm conventual and Alessandro Dordi, diocesan priest.

On monday 9th march, many people attended a ceremony in -el oja que llora- here in the city. This is a monument to the people murdered during the years of sendero luminoso –20 years of terrorism and repression here in Peru, 1980 -2000.

It was beautiful ceremony of rememberance for the religious and priests murdered as a result of their commitment and solidarity with the people of Peru and in particular the area of Ayacucho.

’el ojo que llora ‘ is a labarynth with the names of the 70,000 people who died during those years, written on stone… We made a simple action of reconciliation and remembered their lives and the thousands of ‘disappeared’ from those years

Mons. luis bambaran a man committed to justice and peace and human rights spoke to the gathered people of the lives given out of love, seeking justice… unless a grain of what falls… Jn 12:24

Campoy, Lima, 10 march 2015

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