Our new general Council

On June 21st, the General Chapter of the Congregation of Little Sisters of the Assumption elected the new General Superior and her General Counsil, who will work with her.

Portrait of the new General Counselors

Piedad Berrio

Piedad was born in 1949. She has a degree in philosophy and received training in the pastoral and biblical fields. Her work experience has been linked with education as a teacher and a co-ordinator of the pastoral and academic areas. She has been in various communities of Colombia and at present has the mission of animating the province.

Mary Keenan  

Mary was born in 1945 and made her first profession in 1966. She did her nursing training in Dublin. She worked as a nurse and did pastoral work in Ireland and the United States. In 2000 she became a member of the provincial council and, since 2006, she has been the provincial.

María Eugenia Hueto  

María Eugenia entered the Congregation at the age of 24. The greater part of her life as a Little Sister was spent in Bilbao, a city in the north of Spain where she studied social work. She practised this profession in various services. More recently she was sent to the novitiate community in Kinshasa.

Geneviève Langlois-Meurinne  

Geneviève was born in 1940 in Paris. She trained as a nurse and worked in that capacity before entering the Congregation. After her entry her work was mostly linked with the health field. In 1994 she was given responsibility of animation as councillor with responsibility for the area of Formation. She was later vice-provincial of the vice-province ’Nord’ of the province of France, until she received the mission of General Treasurer which she has been carrying out up to now. 


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