It is about being reborn through vocation…

The circular letter to those in the consecrated life, introducing the year dedicated to the Consecrated Life, is a pressing invitation from Pope Francis. Let us receive some of his words that introduce us already into the coming year: 
"To remain with Christ demands that we share our lives, our choices, the obedience of faith, the happiness of poverty, the radicalism of love….
It is about being reborn through vocation… 
Fidelity in discipleship occurs through, and is demonstrated by, the experience of community, a theological reality in which we are called to support one another in our joyful ‘yes’ to the Gospel. ’It is the Word of God that inspires faith and nourishes and revitalizes it. And it is the Word of God that touches hearts, converting them to God and to his logic which is so different from our own. It is the Word of God that continually renews our communities.’ 
The Pope invites us to renew our vocation and to fill it with joy and passion, so that the increase in loving activity is a continuous process – ’it matures, matures, matures’ – in a permanent develop-ment by which the ‘yes’ of our will to that of God unites will, intellect and feeling. ’Love is never finished and complete; throughout life it changes and matures, and thus remains faithful to itself.’ " 
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