Mission of the Congregation

We, Little Sisters of the Assumption, are apostolic religious who live in community. We are sent, together, to those who, in the world, are without a voice or influence, so that ’our actions may speak Jesus Christ’ as our founder used to say. 
Drawing inspiration from the Gospel, energised by the urgency of proclaiming the Good News of the love of the Father and of testifying to the joy of believing, we work for the coming of the reign of God and also to bring about his Glory through the salvation of those who are ’poor and unimportant’ as we follow Christ, Servant and Saviour. 
The family has been at the heart of our Charism since the beginning of the Congregation. It is still the special place in which persons receive life and where they grow in their first relational network. Our mission leads us into the poorer areas, towards those who are excluded, immigrants and displaced persons; we are attentive to the causes of family disintegration especially where young people and women with difficulties are involved. 
We are careful to see that persons enter into dialogue, experience trust, friendship and solidarity, and gradually participate in the building of the world where "the scattered children of God may be gathered together in unity". 
We promote spaces where people may talk, various types of meetings in our neighbourhoods or at work, seeking to bring people together and to give rise to faith communities. It is our way of being in society and in the Church. 
Our activities vary in line with the situation in each country: 
work with families 
activities linked to health and social work 
actions for the advancement of women 
human and spiritual education/training 
leadership and the accompaniment of groups 
out-of-school support and early-learning activities for children 
deeper study of the Faith etc. 
Our action is marked by our commitment for Peace, Justice and the Integrity of Creation in collaboration with other persons and organisations. 
There are various forms: 
help to refugees, displaced persons, immigrants, people without identity papers; among these are women and children who are victims of human trafficking 
actions for debt remission in favour of emerging countries 
campaigns against hunger and for the safeguarding of water 
networking so that solidarity may become effective as a transforming force 
collaboration with VIVAT (an NGO set up by the Divine Word fathers) 
The international dimension has always been part of our life. Today, many different ethnic groups and nationalities are present in the areas where we are and we are immersed in multi-religious and multi-cultural realities. 
In the quest for solidarity among peoples, inspired by the Gospel, we make our little contribution as an alternative voice in a globalised world through welcoming differences and reconciliation among ourselves and around us. 
Our elderly sisters are often in care home with laypeople. Their mission has not come to an end… 
It is through apparent uselessness, dependence, the gift of self rooted in a prayer that becomes ever deeper, that they testify to the value of the person regardless of any social role, and to gratuitousness in a society marked by performance and technology. When speech is no longer possible a glance, a smile can still say something of the love of God for each person. 
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