Men and women of faith; the style of the big Assumption family

It is a joy for us to share with you the meeting of the "Young Assumption" family that took place this year. There were 22 participants: two Religious of the Assumption (RA), two Oblates of the Assumption (OA), four Little Sisters of the Assumption (LSA) and fourteen Augustinians of the Assumption (AA) (religious and those in formation). 
In this little group we had the richness of the diversity of six Brazilian states and five nationalities (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, D.R. Congo and Ecuador). This was a learning experience for us and is a help to us in following Jesus Christ today. 
The family of the Assumption in Brazil has been holding these meetings for young religious, known as "Young Assumption", for about 17 years. This year, 2012, the meeting was held in the house of the Little Sisters of the Assumption at Taboão da Serra, from the 18–21 of this month. We thank God for the two young Assumptionist religious from Chile/Argentina who were participating for the first time in this meeting. 
Our founders and foundresses gave us as motto "May Your Kingdom Come" (Adveniat Regnum Tuum). For them, extending the Reign of God implied recognising the rights of God and recognising the duties of creatures. 
Thus, the Reign, a theme that is being explored at present in various bodies of the Assumption family, was at the centre of our reflection and work in groups, at the personal, community, provincial and congregational levels, thanks to the assistance of Sr Regina R.A., and Fr Joimar A.A. 
Sr Regina, who has accompanied us for the past three years, began her talk on the theme and its roots in the Old Testament; she then centred on the person of Jesus in the New Testament, where the Reign is made specific. 
In fact, the Reign of God comes about in history to the extent that we change our way of thinking and of acting. Touching our reality, the Reign of God is liberation from all that dehumanises. However, we run the risk of separating Jesus from the Reign every time we give priority to our own interests and leave to one side the presence of Christ in our lives. 
Fr Joimar, in his turn, took as the starting point of his presentation his personal experience and the influence of each of the Congregations that he has come to know in the course of his life. 
We also had activities that helped the participants to get to know one another better. Music and dancing were forms of expression for us and these culminated with the creative prayers prepared by each Congregation of the Family. 
Looking back on our history as an Assumptionist Family means realising all that God has given to us. It means perceiving the small and bigger actions of self-giving on the part of each sister or brother in our family. It means realising that we can only say "Thank you!" to the Lord because He has been faithful with us and because He has acted and is continuing to act in the whole of the Assumption. 
Here we have each one’s history. A history of proximity and of encounter with God! Celebrating our spirituality today implies that we place our hand on our heart, that we get down to work and discover the challenges that we have to face today as the Latin-American Assumptionist Family. It means tightening the bonds between us so that the Reign of God may become a reality in the hearts and minds of all who form the big Family of the Assumption. 
Our wish is that each of you, when you receive this letter, would keep the young religious of our families in your prayers and that you would continue encouraging these times of formation. Given all that we are experiencing, we wish to encourage and motivate the other young religious to come and join us for the next meeting, which will be held in the house of Our Lady of the Assumption in the city of Espírito Santo Pinal, from 31 January to 03 February 2013. Together, we will continue exploring the charism of the Assumption in our religious families. 
We send you our best wishes, asking Our Lady of the Assumption to intercede with God for each and all of us! 
The "Young Assumption" editorial team
Br. Alejandro (A.A), Sr. Ximena (O.A), Sr. Mariotides (L.S.A), Sr. Andrea (R.A).
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