Meeting of laity in Madrid

Representatives of the groups of laity in Spain met for the first time in Madrid during a week-end at the end of October.

Initially, there was the desire to "put a face" on people, to get to know one another and to share the process that is being followed by each group whether in Barcelona, Granada, Alicante or Seville.

Then, we devoted time to getting to know the orientations of the 2011 LSA General Chapter and the document "A Common Treasure" which we worked on in groups, each one giving their impressions and proposals, giving rise to a dialogue with regard to the development of this Treasure: spirituality, formation/training, joint actions of solidarity etc. 
Among the concerns expressed were themes like: the Family, the Mission of the Laity in the Church, the Following of Jesus and the individualistic and consumer society, the uncertainty of work and the fear of conflict. 
We set up a little commission to continue the leadership and co-ordination of the different groups. This is composed of Maria José Salmerón from Granada, Ilu Moreno from Barcelona and Pilar Romero (Little Sister of the Assumption). 
We hope to have a longer meeting during the summer holidays so as to keep benefiting from each one’s gifts. 
Sr Carmen, community of Barcelona – Ciutat Meridiana
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