Is the third love after Our Lord and the Church. Fr Pernet invites us to imitate her, love her and make her known. Imitate her in her humility, poverty, purity, compassion, obedience.

Two occasions in Mary’s life are given a special place by the Little Sisters of the Assumption :
The Visitation : "Remember that the Most Blessed Virgin, is, in her Visitation, the model you should copy; remember also that you should be ready to bear all possible weariness so as to ease the sufferings of the sick and above all, to bring them Our Lord…" (Fr Pernet)
Mary at the foot of the Cross. By giving us his mother on the Cross, Jesus situated her as mother of the whole human race. Mary at the foot of the Cross has an essential place in the spirituality of the Little Sisters.
"In Mary we contemplate a perfect response to the call of God. Unconditionally accepting His Word in faith, she gives us the Saviour..
Like her we consent to His will through simple daily realities, even to the Cross. Like her, the woman of her people, we are often present at the humble beginnings of the Church.
Her Assumption gives us the certainty that a new world is being prepared; she sustains our hope and gives us the courage to dedicate ourselves with our brothers and sisters in work for the transformation of humanity. (Rule of life)
"Don’t have a petty, sentimental, personal devotion towards the Blessed Virgin. Broaden out your heart and meditate on the great mysteries that have been accomplished in her." (Fr Etienne Pernet)
In the Rule of Life we read :
"Our personal and community prayer is the prayer of the poor. It is learned slowly and is familiar with the nights of all who are searching. We make this journey of faith with Mary who bears the hope of her People, and with her we receive Salvation and celebrate the marvels of God who "has filled the hungry with good things and has sent the rich away empty".
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