LSA Family in Mission- United States

We are One Family, Living in One World, Responding to Climate Change

   This past spring, there was heightened interest in climate change, and what it means for us in our own families and for the world. But how do we make all these aspects real for us in our environment and plant seeds of positive response to such great needs in our daily lives? 
  It all began for us at LSAFHS (Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health Service in East Harlem), with the Parent/Child Development Program. The parents and staff began by making a large quilt of the earth in blue, green and white, showing the water, land and sky. Our ‘‘Common Home’’, everyone under the same ‘‘Roof of Creation’’. They developed a circle of dance with the children singing “everybody living in the same home’’
    The next activity was a field trip to a nearby island in the Hudson River. 
They also learned what it takes to care for nature in the midst of a rustic area of woods and flowers, and all about the gifts that the trees and flowers give to us. They then learned a chant that said ‘‘we love the earth’’ and danced. 
In their space was the decoration of a Tree of Life, that showed the beauty of flowers and birds, stretching across one wall, all made by the staff and groups. 
The children wrote desires of hope on the leaves and decorated the tree, wishing for many healthy green trees around the world, ‘‘love notes’’ to the earth praising and thanking the earth for all that it is for all of us. 
  As the local/national politics of sour country have grown in concern and struggle over these past six months, we focus on the serious issues of climate change, immigration and refugees, and the level of poverty with all its issues. 
Our center is ‘‘we are one family’’, and we seek to build this basic orientation in all our activities. 
   In response to the world call to protect the EARTH, we joined in solidarity with our country’s call of so many people, asking to stand with the international response to participate in CLIMATE CHANGE. 
  Five hundred and three letters were sent from our center to our Congress and Senate in Washington, spearheaded by Maritza and Kathy, members of the Laudato Si Group. There wasn’t one person who declined to sign! 
  Since then, the national effort to respond with our commitment to the Paris Agreement died with the recent devastating decision by the Trump Administration;
we have doubled our commitment to be positive factors in many efforts, and will align ourselves with the actions of groups that continue to carry the message ‘‘protect our Common Home by combating Climate Change.’’
 Sr Susanne Lachapelle and Leonarda Tovar
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