"Lourdes is like my native country… It is a great consolation to me."

"Our Father, may your reign come" : a hymn that the Assumption group often sang during the morning prayer at Lourdes.

In fact, for me, the reign of God came through actions, the service for the sick at Lourdes where I had the good fortune to spend some time. My first pilgrimage, of five days, to this holy place was spent with the sick at Saint Frai where I accompanied the them to the religious services, to meetings, to the baths or simply for an outing. There, we exchanged greetings and smiles. Thanks to the sick I can feel a great love and deep faith in Mary, a hope in life… A women who has been going to Lourdes for 39 years said to me: "Lourdes is like my native country. Each year I come to pray and to live with others. It is a great consolation to me." 
I found a wonderful international spirit there; we prayed together, we said the Our Father in several languages. In addition, I was greatly touched by the people, the families with their children who devoted themselves to the service of the sick, taking time to give themselves to others. It was a visible miracle! 
After Lourdes, I continued my pilgrimage to the World Youth Days in Madrid with young people from the entire world. We were greeted by a suffocating heatwave! And later, the vigil was disrupted by a storm and rain! But, at that difficult moment, the Pope remained there with us in front of the Eucharist as a sign of love and to transmit a message to us: "Remain firm in your faith and build your life on Christ." Yes, it is faith in Jesus Christ that brings us together, It is his love that makes us live. At the WYD I was able to deepen my faith along with a million of young people who are seeking. 
’May faith in Jesus Christ grow within my and may I be able to build my life on him as those who are wise build their life on rock.’ 
Minh, postulant, Vaulx en Velin
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