Now, at the beginning of 2015, we have the memory of many events that have marked the past year. Propitious occasions in the world as well as in the Church that have also nourished our hope, such as the invitation extended to the Israeli and Palestinian presidents, Mahmoud Abbas and Shimon Peres, by Pope Francis to pray together for peace in the Near-East, and the outcome of the work between researchers from different countries for the development of the space probe Rosetta and the sending of the robot Philae, the first contact of humanity with a comet, the resumption of relations between Cuba and the USA after fifty years of tension, the freeing of several groups of hostages, the commemorations of the 1914-1918 war celebrated by both allied and opposed countries, the synod on the family in Rome, the Olympic games that brought together nations from the whole world, the many examples of solidarity shown by associations, volunteers etc. 
But there were also striking events of violence, war and inhumanity that wounded hearts, persons and families. Each one can probably recall names, images and places that were affected: the Crimea, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Mexico etc., and also events: aircraft accidents, the shipwreck of boats transporting immigrants, catastrophes resulting from climatic conditions, the spread of the Ebola fever, economic instability, many corruption affairs etc. 
It is within this world that we have continued our mission, being sensitive to the poorest and all of us committed, each one according to her strength, to preparing the way of the Lord and trying to have better relations of justice and peace with the world. As Pope Francis said recently: ’God has always wished to save us, our salvation is historic… God has travelled the path of history with his people. There is no salvation without history.’ 
The secretary team
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