Little Sisters are speaking

Three Little Sisters are living on the Boat "Je sers" ; they are testifying...

Sister Marie-Rose: For my part, I feel very strongly how important the community is and the place of each one of us, as well as the bond of reciprocity with the AA community and with all this life. I often say: ’It’s like a whirlwind and it’s hard to be everywhere at the same time’. I am often in the passageway between the chapel and the dining room. I like spending some time there with others to clean it up so that it will be welcoming, and to listen to the people who pass through. I often think of our Founders, inspired by the Gospel, mobilised by the urgent need to proclaim the Good News and to procure the Glory of God through ’the salvation of the poor and those of least account’. We are well placed in the ’Je Sers’. 

Sister Myriam: For me, I have noticed that, while continuing to be employed part-time, with in addition unpaid work on the boat (I work about 3 1/2 days, sometimes 4 per week), I have gone from carrying out a contract to fulfilling a mission. Now, I propose to each one to get moving and take their place in the crew, whether it be the volunteers, the employees or the trainees. Another part of my work is the social accompaniment of the families and individuals. In that I encounter them in interviews and I try to draw up a project with them with a view to their integration as citizens, that they make take a place where they recognise themselves ’as being fully a person’. I meet other partners from the town and the Department and together we develop various actions and projects. With the Director of the Association and the Assumptionist community, we look at the overall picture of the movement of persons on the Je Sers’ , the line to follow and the limits to impose, as possibilities of life.
Sister Bernadette: For my part, I am open to this whole reality of the boat with many faces, but feel specially called to accompany the families in their daily life and to respond to their requests. French is indispensable if they are to enter into contact with one another, or to see a doctor, go to the social security offices, look for work etc. So, we teach them to express themselves through these basic realities. At midday, there are the tables to be prepared for the meal and afterwards the washing-up to be done and we try to do all that as it is done in a family, it is our ’living with’ in proximity. 
Isn’t life a voyage, for each of us, and are we not carried along to our arrival in port by the grace of that sending? We give thanks to the Congregation for our sending, our community and our mission: our door is open to all! 
Myriam Collon, Marie-Rose Sipp, Bernadette De l’Arbre 
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