Jesus Christ, servant and saviour

"One day, the call of the God of Jesus Christ seduced us and we let ourselves be seduced, as the prophet Jeremiah says" (cf. Jer 20:7)

"One day, Etienne Pernet, discovering the misery and destitution of the people, under the movement of the Spirit, humbly received the call that was to involve his whole life. "

"He and Antoinette Fage, receptive to the will of God, found the strength and the joy of a fragile and daring community response. "

"Led by the Spirit, we receive the joy of the unique love of the Father through Jesus Christ who impels us each day to offer up our life, filled with passion for the Reign of God."

Profile of the SPIRITUALITY of the Little Sisters of the Assumption

Christ is the first accent of our spirituality :
"May Our Lord be everything for you"
"May Jesus Christ be our centre." ..says Fr Pernet
And the recommendation he gave to the Little Sisters:
"Let us contemplate Jesus Christ in his intimate life. He is the ray that gives light at the same time as being the coal that sets ablaze."
 Christ, figure of the Servant:                             
   obediant • humble and poor • who came to serve                                
 And three forms of mediation :                                          
 The word • The Eucharist • Others, especially the poor                             
In our heart there is a single passion, having two poles of reference :
A Passion for Christ
And a Passion for his people who are impoverished and relegated to the last place.
A God who is TRINITY, that is, a God who is LOVE
Another directive from Father Pernet :
"Go straight to God"
The Glory of God by the Salvation of the poor and those of least account.
"’A Little Sister who didn’t have a passion for all that concerns the Glory of God would not be a Little Sister. " (Fr Pernet)
The Reign of God - this is the common Assumptionist trunk : the reign of God in us and around us.
"It is very important that you work first of all for the Reign of God in yourself… And may this reign extend around us because the task God has confided to the Little Sisters is the extension of his Kingdom among the poor and the working class." (Fr Pernet)
My God, grant that this Fire which is You may 
transform us, and make each of us a glowing coal. 
You have taught us the marvels of your Wisdom, 
you have communicated to su the flame of your Love.

Our life should be that of Christ, 
what emanates from us, his Charity. 
We shall communicate from one to another 
the warmth that we receive

And it will come about that we may transform those 
around us under the action of the Holy Spirit.

Of ourselves we are nothing, 
but with the humble sentiment of our weakness 
we shall become strong and powerful, 
glowing coals setting fire to all they touch 
bearers of the love of God."
Etienne Pernet
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