International Laity Commission - Tracing out paths for broadening the space of our tent

“Gathered together from all the corners of the universe you form one family; have therefore one heart and one same life….” (Instructions of Stephen Pernet, 1878)

It is hard to believe a whole year has passed since we last met at the Mother House. Our work has been ongoing and we have passed many emails across the miles and had many “discussions” on paper. The work we originally started did not seem to go as fast as we thought it might. We thought we would have our document done and sent to the general team by September. We are just a few months past that and hopefully our Formation Document will be ready to present very soon. 
As you might remember from our last article in the "Pain De Chez Nous", the formation document we are working on comes from the work that was begun by the last commission "Sharing the Charism with the Laity" that was written for the General Chapter in a document titled: "A Common Treasure". Each member of the Laity Commission took one of the 6 common characteristics of the family spirit to work on as their part of this document: Commitment to the poor, Inner and outer Spirituality, Mutuality in Relationships, Caring for One another, Commitment to struggle against difficulty, and Living what we believe. These six will make up the formation document following the methodology of See, Judge, Act. 
This methodology means that we "see" what our reality is, not only locally but globally. We "judge" or "evaluate" what we "see" and this will decide how we "act" or how we will commit/respond to what we have seen. This format is set up in booklet form with an introduction and explanation of how it works. Our hopes are that each community will bring Sisters and Laity together to work through the booklet and allow those who feel led to make a more formal commitment. We are very excited about this journey and are excited to share it with everyone very soon. 
Our Commission will be meeting again July 2–6, 2014 at the Mother House. We are excited to be spending one of our days together with Sr Franca Sessa. The Laity Commission feels it is important to meet with her and hear about the JPIC Commission because all of our commissions are working on sharing the spirituality, charism and mission. We feel it is important to integrate the dimensions of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of all Creation in all of our projects. 
We continue to hear Father Pernet’s words:
“Lord, show us what we need to see,
Inspire us with what we ought to say,
And support us in what we need to do.”
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