In our life

  • From one General Council to another !

    Le 14/07/2011 - In our life

    Mercedes Martinez, Lucie Licheri, Micaela De Wilde ( for 12 years ), Marie France Bouleau and Irene Bailey ( for 6 years ) have placed at the service of the entire “ Apostolic (...)


    Le 13/07/2011 - In our life

    We meet them homeless, hungry, with no money, undocumented, without the possibility to communicate in a country unknown to them. This is a traumatic experience for the rest of (...)

  • Our new general Council

    Le 29/06/2011 - In our life

    Piedad Berrio Piedad was born in 1949. She has a degree in philosophy and received training in the pastoral and biblical fields. Her work experience has been linked with (...)

  • Beatification of Pope John Paul II

    Le 16/05/2011 - In our life

    I had a deep desire to be present at the beatification of John Paul II and, a coincidence, two friends of mine in Rome invited me to participate with them in this event. (...)

  • Sharing the Charism and the Mission with the Laity and in Inter-Congregation in Minas Gerais

    Le 09/05/2011 - In our life

    ’I have neither silver nor gold, but I will give you what I have: Stand up and walk!’ (cf. Ac 3:1-10) Our life with the Little Sisters here in Ibirité began in 1994 when the (...)

  • A nutrition programme in Madagascar

    Le 09/05/2011 - In our life

    With regard to our own programme – for over 10 years, thanks to the collaboration between LSA, laypeople and benefactors, we can attend to 15 children aged from 6 months to 3 (...)

  • And if this is my Mission today ?

    Le 12/04/2011 - In our life

    ’In a retirement home, is the LSA mission still alive? Yes! Whatever the place or our age there are many, many people to be loved.’ This is a beautiful testimony from a Little (...)

  • Little Sisters are speaking

    Le 11/04/2011 - In our life

    Sister Marie-Rose: For my part, I feel very strongly how important the community is and the place of each one of us, as well as the bond of reciprocity with the AA community (...)

  • ’Life on board’

    Le 11/04/2011 - In our life

    It is now a year since we have been associated with the boat ’Je Sers’. There is a large number of persons on board it and many people from outside come to benefit from the many (...)

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