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  • LSA Family in Mission- United States

    Le 20/06/2018 - In our life

    This past spring, there was heightened interest in climate change, and what it means for us in our own families and for the world. But how do we make all these aspects real (...)

  • How the prison setting becomes a path of freedom

    Le 11/06/2018 - In our life

    Their project then appeared very interesting to me. The “Rainbow” programme deals with 8-9 prisoners at a time, with as many volunteers and two animators, male and female, (...)

  • "The Gospel, cheek to cheek ", the life of Father Pernet by Paola Bergamini with a preface by Pope Francis.

    Le 16/03/2018 - In our life

    In the preface to this book, written by Pope Francis himself, he shares some of his personal memories with the Little Sisters: "I was less than one day old when Antonia, (...)

  • Beatification of the 19 Martyrs of Algeria

    Le 31/01/2018 - In our life

    Pope Francis has just authorised the signing of the decree for the beatification of Mgr Pierre Claverie and his eighteen companions. – “A life at the service of all”. Each (...)

  • Spain-Barcelona (Sarria) “Widening our community life”

    Le 30/10/2017 - In our life

    Recently we opened our community to some lay adults (the majority relatives of sisters) that they might share our sisterly life of prayer and welcome. This was the cause of a (...)

  • The election of the general councillors

    Le 20/07/2017 - In our life

    After a time of prayer, exchange and discernment, they were chosen: Dominique Carmen

  • General Chapters’blog

    Le 28/06/2017 - In our life

    Dear Sisters, Thanks to each one for your prayers which have accompanied the preparation of this Chapter and for those which will accompany each Chapter Delegate during this (...)

  • Congo, a workshop in full growth

    Le 06/06/2017 - In our life

    For several years, young local women have been coming to the Mère Marie de Jésus centre for a three-year training course. While they ask first for instruction in cutting out and (...)

  • Vietnam - Dong Hoa : The Têt Solidarity Mission

    Le 31/05/2017 - In our life

    The Province of the Centre was chosen because in 2016 that region had been seriously affected by pollution from the sea and then by flooding during the rainy season. (...)

  • Holy Week in Madagascar-Fianarantsoa

    Le 29/05/2017 - In our life

    The beautiful offices of the holy days, mingling Malagasy traditions and customs, are practised for a long time, more than a month beforehand. All the dances, songs, and (...)

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