In Madagascar with the association ADES - Association for the Children of Sahalava

The collaboration of ADES with the Little Sisters began in 2002. Once again this year we have had the opportunity of helping the children of Sahalava and Ampopoka benefit from the support of the Association. This is how: 

The Nutrition Follow-up Programme in Sahalava 
From the beginning of March 2011 until the end of February 2012, we received twenty (20) children regularly at the "nutrition follow-up". In collaboration with the doctor, 15 children were followed up in an intensive way, having the meal twice a week, and the five other children entered into the organisation of the daily consultation (from 7.30 to 8.30 a.m.) for the distribution of milk and vitamins. 
 This year we continued: 
  • The distribution each day of milk and vitamins, 
  • The meal twice a week, 
  • The distribution of rice during the period of scarcity (1kg per week to each family) for a small contribution. 
Covering the cost of consultations and medicines for the children attending the nutrition programme, 
  • Training for the mothers, 
  • Some small loans for a specific project, 
  • Home visits to families; these help us to have a better understanding of their difficulties and their needs. 
AS a new approach we have added complementary cereals since April 2011 for the children who are special situations (very undernourished, weak or who have just left hospital). 
Madame Pauline is still helping us and her service is as indispensable as ever; also, she is someone who knows the local families well. 
With all the families who attend the "nutrition follow-up" we would like to thank ADES for all the life, growth and joy that it is making possible for the children in difficulty and for their parents. 
Sister Louisette, Little Sister of the Assumption 
A very big "Thank you"! We hope we have been able to show you how valuable the support of the association is for us, not for us but for all the families we are in contact with, with the babies, the children and the youth. It is with all of them that we express our gratitude. 
Sr Colette, Little Sister of the Assumption 
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