Human Rights Day - 10 December 2012

Inclusion and the right to participate in the public life. Every year, Human Rights Day, 10 December, is an opportunity to raise global awareness of human rights issues.

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This year, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) focuses on inclusion and the right to participate in public life.

Fulfillment of the right to participate is fundamental to the functioning of a democracy and an effective human rights protection system. Inclusion of all those who have been traditionally locked out of the process is an essential precondition to the achievement of both.
The theme draws directly from Articles 19, 20 and 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which speak of the right to freedom of expression and opinion, the right to freedom of assembly and association and the right to take part in government, either directly or through freely chosen representatives.
This Human Rights Day, OHCHR aims to highlight that participation in public life can only achieve its full meaning and real significance when everybody is included in decision-making processes.
Leader: Creator and Sustainer, you have created all people, each one of us with dignity and worth, sacred in your sight.
All: Help us this day and every day to hold that truth in our hearts and to honor it in all we do, treating every person as your unique creation.
Leader: This day we remember and give thanks for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, its challenge and its guidelines.
All: We pray that every new generation may learn its principles and engage with each other in ways that honor each individual’s inherent dignity and worth.
Leader: We also remember this day the adoption of the Convention Against Torture by the UN General Assembly.
All: We pray for the courage, as individuals and as nations,
to do what is right even when we experience fear and uncertainty.
We pray that, as nations, we will work to ensure that the abuses
authorized and committed in our name never happen again.
These abuses include the use of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.
We grieve, knowing that inflicting injustice and cruelty on even one person
scars and diminishes all of us.
We pray for strength and steadfastness in the work of repairing the world.
In all things may we honor the dignity of each person.
(Adapted from National Religious Campaign Against Torture
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