History and function of the International Solidarity Fund

From year to year, since it was set up in 1977 on the initiative of the Council of the Congregation, the International Solidarity Fund has been fulfilling its specific function ’to re-affirm, through an apparently insignificant contribution… our desire to live out our solidarity and strive for justice at all levels.’ 
’Because of the modest contribution rate the communities, even with limited resources, are able to participate in the Fund.’ 
Several criteria for discerning how to use the Fund were indicated: 
  • Be informed about the aims of the persons to whom the help is to go. 
  • Support those persons or groups who desire to take their own destiny in hand and who cannot on their own face the expenses involved in doing so. 
  • Act with Movements and Organisations that are recognised and whose development choices we share.
  • Consider the people as our associates, take into account their own criteria, do not create dependency. 
  • Commit ourselves for the medium term so that these projects make be put into effect and, if possible, evaluate their development with the persons concerned. 
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