Group preparing for Final Vows

The International Apostolic Body: a common treasure

All humanity is called by God to live in a covenant of love with Him and to enter into His plan. His Word, proclaimed in Jesus Christ, comes to us through witnesses. It takes hold of us at the deepest level of our history. (Rule of Life, no. 1)
After he had listened to the experience described by each of his disciples, Jesus, under the action of the Holy Spirit, said: ’I bless you, Father, Lord of heaven and of earth, for hiding these things from the learned and the clever and revealing them to mere children. Yes, Father, for that is what it pleased you to do.’ (Lk 10:21) 
Jesus knows us by our name, by our baptism, the sign of faith and of filial love, by our ’yes’ of the covenant, the bearer of hope, made with each one of us and with all his people. 
For this specific time of formation, the preparation for final vows, which began in September 2013, we arrived from different places to begin together our adventure as we follow Jesus, servant and saviour. 
The methodology used has enabled us to live out intensely the invitation to open ourselves and go far beyond our own frontiers and cultures.
Throughout this formation process, experienced in an open way, we had the opportunity and the availability to experience different elements that enabled us to enter into ways of greater freedom: welcome, listening, long times of personal and community prayer, festive occasions, joys, challenges, confidence, solidarity, hope, support, unity, personal and group accompaniment, research. 
We express our sincere thanks to those who have accompanied us along the way: Lucie, Piedad, all the General Council, Gisèle, Charo, Sabine, Madeleine, Luz Miryam, Anna Chiara, Marie Claire, Monique, Franca, Jeannette, Jeannine, Rose Marie, Rose Marie, Marie Claire, Silvia, Imelda, the Religious of the Assumption, the Augustinians of the Assumption, the Oblates of the Assumption, the Associates of Our Lady of the Assumption, the various laypeople and friends of the Assumption family, the staff at the Mother House, our families, all the communities who, whether far away or near, have supported and accompanied us by their thoughts and prayers. 
It was with the certainty of feeling that we are sent and accompanied that we truly experienced the multi-cultural dimension and that of the International Apostolic Body in the different communities that received us for the missionary experience. 
At the end of March we concluded this stage of formation with a retreat that made us verify once again the infinite love of the God of Life and of History: by the action of His Spirit He leads us and impels us to continue to offer our YES every day, bringing about the Reign of Justice, of Peace, of the Integrity of Creation, of solidarity, of humanity, in our world that is wounded and yet vibrant with possibilities. 
It is with great joy that we give thanks in our various languages: 
Merci! Obrigada! Misaotra! Gracias! Melesi!
Our heart exults for joy in God our Saviour. It leads us to sing like Mary: 
’My soul glorifies the Lord, my God, and my spirit is filled with joy in God my Saviour. He is my joy. He is my fullness. He is all for me.’ 
 Zoila, Annie, Marcelline, Marcia, Vandaline and Charline
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