Fraternities of Assumption : a little bit of history

One day a Little Sister, Mother Marie Emmanuel, who was responsible for the mission, spoke of the work in the families. ’We work there to the utmost of our abilities, but our action is necessarily restricted and is limited to the time we spend in the family home. How can we follow up what has been begun?’ 

A Sister suggested, ’If we brought the fathers of the families together?’ 
’That thought has often occurred to me’, replied Fr Pernet. ’I’ll think about it; we must pray for this intention.’ They prayed, and on the 31 July 1881, the first Fraternity came into being - five men gathered together with Fr Pernet.
The Brothers increased in number very quickly and three years later, at their request, the mothers of the families had their own meetings. Much later, gradually over the period 1950 - 1960, the men’s groups and the women’s groups merged, with joint meetings, while the Little Sisters looked after the children. 
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