First Vows of 2 Vietnamese Sisters

A dance and a great deal of meaning 
At the commitment of Thao and Hoa, and also at the Mass for the departure on mission of the sisters going to Vietnam, we had the good fortune to see the gifts of the young Vietnamese women expressed by a dance and a song. Here is the meaning of this dance expressed in words by one of them and also some sense of what she felt in the gestures they made. 
The title is "God gives us his gifts", and this expressed by "Lord, I thank you for calling me to follow you. My life is like a little fragile flower, thanks to You, I am beautiful. Keep me in your love, Lord, so that I may be faithful right to the end, and so that I may bring your love to everybody and offer them your light in their heart. And so may your Kingdom come." 
The young woman continued: "We prayed as we danced. Each gesture speaks of going, of daring to carry out the mission. In this dance we also expressed the joy we feel before the new doors that are opening and where there are many things to be discovered. We are sure that there will be difficulties at first, but we are not afraid, we trust in the Lord, He is walking with us." 
For us laity and Little Sisters who were in the assembly, the harmony of the colours was beautiful to see, and also the movement of the fans, concealing and then revealing the face of each one. This music, so soft, so gentle and, at the same time, so unexpected, reveals the patience of our discoveries and the journey to be made with each of them so as to give them the sense of a mission to be shared in other parts of the world. 
Today, each one is continuing her journey here or over there, learning French, Vietnamese or other languages, while at the same time we open our heart to other realities. While sharing in this time of mission, we have the experience of opening our heart to the other and letting ourselves be moved in our own outlook. 
As Father Pernet said: "You must be ready for everything. This is truly in the spirit of the Assumption and of the Little Sisters, and anybody among you who would want to remain in her shell, or sped her life between the four walls of a cloister, does not have the spirit of the Assumption; I bless the cell, I respect the cloister, but I reject the shell. France is your cradle, but the whole universe is open to you." 
May the road for each one be beautiful, wherever the Lord calls her, 
and to our next meeting, here or elsewhere…