Final vows of the first Little Sister in Madagascar

On the road...

After a long journey along "family" road, then the "aspirant" "postulant", "novice" and "temporary professed" roads, I am here now to join you on the "LSA" road. I am very happy to walk with you, following Christ, in internationality, with our differences that shape the face of the One in whom we trust. 
When I look at the Sisters ahead of me I see them in a long procession inviting me to forge ahead; when I look around me I see the young sisters filled with enthusiasm who are calling me to face up to our reality at the present day; and when I look at the young women in formation, I see them pushing me forward with joy and love. 
I believe that this road is now also one of those that open up to hope in order to sow love, one of the roads towards the real Passover, as a big family, towards the encounter with our Lord for eternity. All the marvellous things of God have accompanied me along those roads. 
And right to the end of the road, on that day the 29th, from beginning to end, the mutual help between the families of the Assumption (Assumptionists, Friends of the Assumption, Sisters and young women in the Congregation) was never lacking: liturgy, singing, music, and entertainment during the meal. …. 
And also at the level of our Parish "St Eugène de Mazenod": the young people and the adults in the parish groups, and the choir participated wholeheartedly. 
Offering and a great Thanksgiving to God: 
That day of the 29th April was for us (Church, Congregation, family and myself) the great day, the summit of all our spiritual and material offerings concerning me to God. First of all for the Church of Sahalava where I was the first religious to pronounce final vows. Men and women, young people and children, touched by the rite of the celebration give thanks to God in faith and joy. A grace of the Lord who reveals Himself through these signs and which passes through the frail being that I am!!! 
Then, for the Congregation because I am the first LSA to make profession in Madagascar, desiring to respond to the call of God by entering into the mission to the most frail and deprived families – the missionary and apostolic intuition of the Founders. 
After that, for my family because I am the only one, up to now, to be consecrated in the religious life. My family that offered me by symbolic gestures: blessing, their presence in large numbers – and by prayer in faith and hope. 
Finally for myself because on this day, with great joy, I have given myself completely to God, thanking Him with all my heart for the good things that He gives me. 
I was deeply touched by the great blessing of the Church, the welcome from my community and from the whole Congregation, the presence of all my family. 
To end with, I thank you, each one of you, without forgetting the elderly sisters of the Congregation in the care homes, and also the Laypeople who have supported me along the road with their fraternal prayer. 
Sister Louisette, Little Sister, Madagascar
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