Ebaka : a community "on the move" - Congo R.D.

Our community has always experienced constant change. It came into being out of a concern to be more oriented towards the mission (this in contrast to the other communities in Kinshasa which are dedicated to the very first stages of formation: aspirants, postulants and novices).

It was opened in March 2007 at Lemba, a districted in the centre of the city of Kinshasa. Given the reality of transport in Kinshasa it was not easy for us to carry out the mission in Masina. Because of that, the community decided to return to Masina so as to be close to the mission and the other two communities. 
That is how, in 2009, the Lemba commu-nity became the Ebaka community in Masina Sans Fil. It is not far from the other communities. 
On the 15th of September our community at Ebaka received two second-year novices who came to have their apostolic experience and also a fresh experience of community life. We were happy to welcome them because it was the first time for us to have such a big community. 
And now, here are the novices: Thérèse, Léontine and Yvette.
"We are preparing for our first commitment, which is to take place on the 22nd of December in the parish of the Divine Master, where the Assumptionists Fathers are. 
First of all we began with the choice of the hymns that will be sung by a parish choir during the mass. This means that we have to be at the practices with the choir and we go once a week for that. 
We have chosen three readings, following the inspiration of the Holy Spirit: Isaiah 42:1-5; the letter of St Paul to the Philippians 3:8-14 and one from the gospel of Luke 9:57-62. 
There are also three symbols that seem to us to be full of meaning for this gift of our life to the Lord. 
We are counting very much on your prayers, which are going to accompany us during this time of apostolic experience. We embrace each one of you." 
Given the reality of the formation for the young women in the Congo, it was asked that this country not remain closed in on itself. So the Provin-cial Council, with the General Council, reflected on where this opening up might be. After the discernments the decision was taken that the Congolese novitiate would transfer to Burkina Faso. In fact, the departure of the novitiate to Burkina Faso has also caused movement in the Kinshasa communities.
This decision puts us on the move once again. On the 21st of December 2012 we are to leave the house of the Religious of the Assumption (Ebaka), which we have been renting up to now, in order to enter into a different organisation of the Kinshasa communities, keeping the priority of formation and the mission. Preparing for this move makes us aware, once again, of our itinerant life for the Kingdom of God.
Vandaline, Ernestine, Thérèse, Leontine, Yvette and Pilar
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