Easter 2012 - Meditation

St Paul tells us that if we do not believe in the Risen Christ our faith is useless.

This picture, with the accompanying phrase from Etty Hillesum, introduces us to the meditation of St Augustine on the encounter between Mary Magdalen and the Risen Jesus. 
"Do not touch me, that is to say, do not believe in me according to the opinion that you still have of me… You will touch me when you believe that I am God, not unequal to the Father." 
(Sermons: 121:3)
Augustine dwells on this prohibition made by the risen Christ: "Do not touch me!" The refusal to let himself be touched is all the more surprising that in other places Jesus invites people to touch him. To touch means: to believe. Jesus wished to show that to believe in him, that is, to touch him spiritually, is to believe that he and the Father are one. 
"Let us touch Christ, let us touch him. To believe is to touch him. Do not stretch out your hand to human beings – I am not saying to turn away from them. But what do I mean? Do not remain there. The one who wishes to remain on the road does not arrive at the house. Get up and walk. The human Christ is your road, the Divine Christ is your homeland." (Sermon 343-345). 
Let us touch Christ today because "Our charism confides to us a mission that is ’on the frontiers’, in intermediary places in the World and the Church." 2011 General Chapter 
The paschal journey causes us to meet him in our different mission fields: our commitments for justice, peace and the integrity of creation, in our communities, with families, with the impoverished, the abandoned, the immigrants. He is identified with the poor person, He, the Son of the Father who invites us to be daughters and sons, in his image. 
This encounter is the fruit of an experience of love. That is our hope and our joy. 
The Little Sisters of Assumption - Easter 2012
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