Congo RDC / Temporary commitment of Leontine, Thérèse and Yvette

The celebration of our vows was preceded by an eight-day retreat, animated and accompanied by Sr Pilar Trillo, at the house of the Combonian Fathers. During that retreat we prayed and meditated on our spirituality. We used the Congregational writings and some biblical references, which helped us to enter more deeply into the person of Christ, servant and saviour. For us it was a time of joy, living in this intimacy with the One who has called us to follow and serve him. There was also a time for the preparations, allocating the various tasks between the three communities and organising the celebration. 
"Do not be afraid, I am with you" – this sentence from Isaiah has accompanied us throughout our journey; we returned to it during our retreat and for the celebration. Because, we have experienced the loving presence of our Lord in the life of each one of us and this has encouraged us to pronounce our "fiat" freely and consciously. 
The celebration took place at 11 a.m. on the 22nd of December at the Divine Master Parish where the Augustinians of the Assumption are. The mass was said by an Assumptionist and the singing was led by a parish choir. In line with our tradition, we were accompanied to the altar by our parents to offer their daughters to follow Christ and who blessed us before returning to their place. Many friends, parishioners, religious men and women of other congregations and our families offered us their presence, prayer and encouragement. After the mass we went to our community for the refreshments and this was accompanied by traditional music. 
We are happy to take this further step in our Congregation. And we thank each and all of you for your prayers, words of encouragement and the telephone calls we received, because we felt you were very united with us on this day that has so much meaning for us. 
We want to let you know that Léontine has been sent to the community of Musengi, Thérèse to the postulate and Yvette to Burkina-Faso. 
Yes, we have begun our adventure. We ask you to remember us in your prayers for this new experience of life as Little Sisters of the Assumption. 
With our sisterly affection, 
Yvette, Léontine and Thérèse