Christmas throughout the world: cribs and testimonies

Cribs from Madagascar, Tunisia, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, France etc.

Here are some accounts of Christmas celebrations in the countries where we are on mission, with photographs. It is a pleasure for us to share these moments of profound joy.



As is the case everywhere, the prospect of the feast and the preparation for it changes the ordinary routine and this can be sensed in the atmosphere: the crowds at the markets looking for new clothes, the families preparing for the slaughter of pigs or chickens etc. 

Times of recollection are proposed in each parish or district, occasions to receive the sacrament of reconciliation, a novena of preparation in order to embellish our heart and welcome the Lord who is coming to live among us. 
Each day, children and young people take part in the times of preparation for the poems, songs and tableaux vivants recounting the birth of Jesus to be presented at the Christmas vigil. 
Masses of flowers, songs and liturgical gestures proclaim the glory of God. 
On the 25th, a solemn mass at which each one presents an offering at the crib, and then there is a family meal gathering us all together once more. 


 "Jesus, Mary and Joseph experienced what it is to leave one’s homeland and be migrants: threatened by Herod’s thirst for power, they were obliged to flee and take refuge in Egypt (cf. Mt2:13-14). But the maternal heart of Mary and the attentive heart of Joseph, guardian of the Holy Family, remained confident that would never abandon them. Through their intercession, may this same certainty be always firm in the heart of the migrant and refugee." Message of the Holy Father for Migrants and Refugees Day in 2014.

"Today we are witnesses to so much suffering: migration as a result of violence, of hunger, of fear, of attacks. Rejection and hatred are the threats that menace us.
May the grace of Christmas enlighten our outlook so that we may discern the seeds of life, the neighbourly gestures, and that we may be artisans of peace!"
That is our wish for you.
International Council of the AOLA









Christmas 2015 remains a day of joy and of light!

The encounter with the humanity of Jesus accompanies us along our rocky paths and it is in this companionship that we welcome our Emmanuel. He fulfils all expectation of the one Saviour and gives deep joy and peace to be shared around us.







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