Charisma session : Assumption’s Love of the Church

In Rome, a workshop took place in February 2011, bringing together the five Congregations of the Assumption family (with four representatives from each Congregation). It was the second gathering of this kind, dedicated to deepening reflection on the charism of our religious family

This year, the focus of discussion was the theme of the love of the Church. At teh beginning of the meeting, we heard presentations on the topic of how our founders lived and understood their own love of the Church. This made it possible to perceive the many attitudes common to them all, but also the particular kind of relationship each one had with the Church.
Then, Gianni La Bella, professor of history at the University of Bologna and a member of the Sant’Egidio community spoke. In a forty-five minute presentation, he provided a remarkable picture of society and the Church, especially in France, in the 19th century and showed how our founders, in particular Emmanuel d’Alzon, responded to the challenges of their day.
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