Beatification Cause of Father Pernet : What is it about? What is the situation today?

What is it about? 
Talking of beatification and canonisation involves mentioning the saints who have gone before us, those whose life was completely turned towards God, who devoted themselves in active charity towards others so as to respond to the needs of their time. Father Etienne Pernet was one of those. 
The procedure for the beatification and canonisation of persons who lived and died in the odour of sanctity comprises several stages: 
  • Servant of God: It is the first stage towards canonisation, since 2007 this title carries a meaning given by the bishop to the candidate for beatification and later for canonisation. 
  • Venerable: It is the title given to the Servant of God after the promulgation of the decree on the heroicity of the virtues. 
  • Beatification: It is the solemn act by which the pope declares that a public cult may be accorded to a Servant of God, according to the forms and in the specified places. It requires the recognition of a miracle obtained through his intercession, that is, an exceptional event due to a special intervention of God that goes beyond the normal course of nature to ease sufferings and demonstrate the love of God. 
What is the situation today? 
The stages for the beatification of Father Pernet can be summarised as follows: 
  • 1901: The assembling of testimonies about his reputation for sanctity, which spread after his death. 
  • 1924: The opening of the diocesan process at the Archbishopric of Paris 
  • 1931: Introduction of the Cause at the Sacred Congregation for the Cause of Saints in Rome 
  • 1932: Apostolic process in Paris 
  • 1983: Promulgation of the Heroicity of the virtues of the Venerable Father Etienne Pernet by the Decree of the 14th MAY 1983 signed by Pope John Paul II.
So, Father Pernet is already a model of sanctity recognised by the Church, his reputation has never been called in question, innumerable testimonies have been recorded concerning the favours and graces obtained, including cures, attributed to his intercession. What is lacking at present in that a miracles be recognised by the "Congregation for the cause of saints". The Postulator and the team of the cause are ready to receive the intentions confided to the intercession of Father Pernet and the graces or miracles obtained. 
The questions to be asked to give an impetus towards canonisation: 
  • Do we really believe in the holiness of this Servant of God? 
  • Are we able to present him as a model for the women and men of today? 
  • Are we daring enough to demonstrate the relevance of the message he has bequeathed to us? 
  • As a witness to the Christian faith for all those who continue his work, especially the laity committed alongside the Little Sisters of the Assumption. 
  • His love for the poor, those considered to be unimportant, those excluded from society, 
  • His attentiveness to the family, especially the working-class family. 
It is for us to give an account of the relevance of his message for today: 
To procure the glory of God through the salvation of the poor and little ones
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