Beatification Cause of Father Etienne Pernet - Info flash n°6

Message from the Vice-Postulator

With this first issue of 2015, we are within the setting of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Congregation. So, I think it is appropriate to recall that among the events that have marked that history the stages of the Cause for the Beatification have their place thanks to the Little Sisters and the Augustinians of the Assumption (as Postulators).
- 1901:
The regrouping of testimonies concerning the Father Pernet’s reputation for sanctity, which spread after his death. 
- 1923:
Opening of the informative Diocesan Process 
- 1931:
Introduction of the Cause at the Sacred Congregation for the Cause of Saints in Rome
- 1932:
Apostolic Process in Paris 
- 31-07-1933:
Legal Recognition of the mortal remains 
- 1943-1983:
Procedure for the Heroicity of Virtues
- 1983:
Promulgation of the Heroicity of the Virtues of the Venerable Father Pernet by a decree issued on the 14-05-1983.
- On the 18th of May 1983, a circular letter from Sr Theresa Dick, General Superior, informed the whole Congregation that 
"by this decree the Church 
recognises the charism given to Father Pernet for the Church and the world, 
gives thanks for his life and his acts, his religious and priestly life, his life given to the poor and humble, his tireless work for the Kingdom, 
recognises the apostolic intuition that Father Pernet communicated to the Little Sisters of the Assumption and by which we continue to live today throughout the world." 
She ended by saying: "Father Pernet is one of that throng of witnesses raised up by the Spirit since the first Pentecost".
It is for us to continue asking Father Pernet to intercede with God that all of humanity may grow in Hope and Peace. 
Sister Madeleine Rémond
Father Pernet and prayer 
"Let us go through prayer, seek the support we need, let us ask God to support us; he cannot refuse this if we ask him with all our heart because Our Lord, by his infinite obedience, has earned for us all the graces of obedience. Oh, prayer, as you well know, is the key to Heaven, the key that opens the heart of God, it is the full power that he has placed in our hands; those who pray well to God have God for them, God stoops down to us when we pray to him because, at the same time that prayer raises us up, it attracts God into us and places him at our disposition!" 
Father Etienne Pernet
7 March 1897
"Whatever you ask the Father in my name, He will give it to you." 
Jn 15:16
Extract from the report of the Sacred Congregation for the Cause of Saints – Parisien – Stephani Pernet (Rome, 1975)
A man of prayer
On that path of evangelical abandonment and availability to the plans of God along which the Servant of God set out and persevered, his way of wisdom was through prayer. A constant prayer, a contemplative prayer, manifested first by the prolonged adoration that made him rise at an early hour. There, close to the Lord, he found counsel and rest. He was, with all his being, "God’s beggar", as he had learned from Saint Augustine, and from the example of his mother and of all the poor people. 
Moreover, the Servant of God gave the example of the habitual contemplation of a man united to God, "lost in God", "living in the presence of God", "a man whom everything brought to God, always"; and this whether in nature, in the midst of people or in the course of events. It was not in vain that the witnesses declared that "he was impregnated with God’, that "at his approach one felt closer to God", that "he was the personification of the goodness of God." 
Extract no.185
Testimony from Sister Louise Thérèse (Marie Louise Beaumont), LSA
His faith was shown above all by humility in prayer. He prayed with a very humble attitude. His words showed that in him there was a soul of prayer. He had a great love for the Gospel and required his daughters to read some verses from the Gospel every day. The Servant of God had a great devotion to Our Lord; he used to say that "true knowledge is to know Jesus Christ, the Jesus Christ of the Gospel, such as it pleased him to reveal himself to us, and not an imaginary one!" Being filled with that thought, the Servant of God really made his life a study of the Gospel, and his work a page of the Gospel. 
Extract from: Parisien – Stephani Pernet
Sylloge p.12, n°10, (1975).
Intentions confided and graces obtained 
From Canada
In Montréal, the Association that sees to the continuation of the action of the Little Sisters was actively looking for the money to make the final payment on the house it had bought. 
The team responsible for it asked Father Pernet to come to their help because the payment was due on the 2nd of December. 
And, on the 17th of October the two daughters of a Lady Servant (lay associate), who had died in June were asking to meet the Little Sisters. 
They explained that their mother had bequeathed a sum of money for their works. 
It happened that the amount corresponded to the sum owed by the Association. 
For this group of laypeople who wish to keep the intuition of Etienne Pernet alive, it is the proof that he is supporting their project, not just with money but in the long term by overcoming the obstacles that are falling one after another in the course of the various steps they have to take. 
As one of them said, in talking of Father Pernet: "I don’t leave him in peace, I talk to him continually." 
Sent by Sr Liette - PSA
Secretariat for the beatification cause of Father Etienne Pernet:
Sr Madeleine Rémond
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